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NetPal is a Business Opportunity Xchange that makes the reliable business requirements around the globe available to you just a few taps away.


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How it works

To leverage the potential of this single largest global business network, join the platform, fill up your business profile, start posting your business needs, search the business requirements posted by others, and collaborate regularly to win the new opportunities.

Search New Opportunities

Search for the local and global business requirements posted by others

Share Business Profile

Showcase your business profile, achievements, clientele to the entire world

Collaborate to Win

Communicate with others using in-app chat, emails, and phone calls

Fabulous Features

Some of the fabulous features of this App are Quick and Easy Signup, Guided Posting Mechanism, Refined Search for Relevant Opportunities, Search Network Members, Instant In-app Chat, Save favorite opportunities.

Guided Posting Mechanism

Post your business needs in simple and easy sections

Refined Search

Search for new business opportunities and network members

In-app Chat

Instant chat with network members separately or through a post


Shortlist the favorite posts for future reference and tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

NetPal is an Android based app developed for business professionals. Install it from Google Play Store. Verify your business phone number and your network account will be created.

Please make sure that your smartphone or tablet has the following configuration:

  • Android OS: version 5.1 or later
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB or more
  • Local storage space: 100 MB or more (Recommended)
  • WiFi or Data connection

If your smartphone does not meet the minimum requirements mentioned above, then you will not be able to find or download the NetPal App.

NetPal App requests the following device permissions:

Read Phone Number. This permission is required to auto-fill your phone number on the registration form to save typing efforts. Please note that we do not read or access any other SIM information exposed by this permission.

Check Internet Connection Status. Most of the functionality provided by our App requires the internet connectivity. This necessitates your device to be online to complete the actions successfully. We intimate you as soon as your internet gets disconnected.

Detect Device Location. This permission is required to set the default location on the map while filling your business profile. This is a one time activity and we never track your device's location again once it is set. If necessary, you can update your busines location using the map provided in the profile. This location data is used to show nearby business requirements so that you don't miss out any potential local or global business opportunities.

Access Camera and Photos. This permission is required to capture and upload pictures for your Business Profile and your business requirements. Your pictures are saved in the local storage of your device as well as uploaded to our servers in the cloud.

Open the main menu by tapping the menu icon at the top left corner. You will see a My Profile menu. This will open your profile in a View mode. Tap the edit icon to open the profile in Edit mode. You can edit each sub section therein and fill in the details as necessary.

Yes, you can add up to three businesses to your business profile. Open the business profile in Edit mode and scroll to the My Businesses section. Tap the add icon to add another business to your profile.

The business details provided at the time of the account creation is considered as your Primary business by default. It is shown as the first item in the list of businesses along with a flag icon next to it.

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