NetPal is an Android based app developed for business professionals. Install it from Google Play Store. Verify your business phone number and your network account will be created.

Please make sure that your smartphone or tablet has the following configuration:

  • Android OS: version 5.1 or later
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB or more
  • Local storage space: 100 MB or more (Recommended)
  • WiFi or Data connection

If your smartphone does not meet the minimum requirements mentioned above, then you will not be able to find or download the NetPal App.

NetPal App requests the following device permissions:

Read Phone Number. This permission is required to auto-fill your phone number on the registration form to save typing efforts. Please note that we do not read or access any other SIM information exposed by this permission.

Check Internet Connection Status. Most of the functionality provided by our App requires the internet connectivity. This necessitates your device to be online to complete the actions successfully. We intimate you as soon as your internet gets disconnected.

Detect Device Location. This permission is required to set the default location on the map while filling your business profile. This is a one time activity and we never track your device's location again once it is set. If necessary, you can update your busines location using the map provided in the profile. This location data is used to show nearby business requirements so that you don't miss out any potential local or global business opportunities.

Access Camera and Photos. This permission is required to capture and upload pictures for your Business Profile and your business requirements. Your pictures are saved in the local storage of your device as well as uploaded to our servers in the cloud.

Open the main menu by tapping the menu icon at the top left corner. You will see a My Profile menu. This will open your profile in a View mode. Tap the edit icon to open the profile in Edit mode. You can edit each sub section therein and fill in the details as necessary.

Yes, you can add up to three businesses to your business profile. Open the business profile in Edit mode and scroll to the My Businesses section. Tap the add icon to add another business to your profile.

The business details provided at the time of the account creation is considered as your Primary business by default. It is shown as the first item in the list of businesses along with a flag icon next to it.

Business Exchange
On your app Home page , tap on the blue floating icon . A new form to submit your business need will be shown.
  • Fill up the Title and Description of your requirements on the first page.
  • Tap the map icon and open the map to set the location of your business requirements.
  • You can attach a picture by tapping on the camera icon at the bottom toolbar.
  • Tap options icon to open the options page. You can add private notes for your future reference, disclose your profile to users, or make your post visible to global audience.
  • Save and publish your post by tapping on the Post button on the right corner of the toolbar at the bottom.

You will see a heart icon on every Requirements Card on the list. Tapping on this icon will add that requirement to your favorites list and the icon will turn solid red .

You can shortlist up to 20 posts. Tap My Favorites menu from the Main Menu to view all shortlisted posts.

Tap My Needs menu from the Main Menu to view the list of all your own Open and Closed business needs.

You can perform various actions like Edit the Need, Check its location, View Responses received, Share it to external people, Manage global visibility, Manage your Profile Visibility, etc.

When you open the NetPal App, you land up on the Home page where you see three tabs - Relevant, Local, and Gloabl. The Relevant tab lists all the business requirements that are suitable to your business profile.

Please note, in order to get the most relevant needs, you must provide correct Business Classification and Keywords in your Business Profile.

  • Go to Main Menu > My Profile to open your Public Profile.
  • Tap the Edit icon to open your Business Profile in edit mode.
  • Scroll down to Business Details sub-section under My Businesses section and then Tap the Edit icon to update the required details.

Please keep the Keywords list short. Add a comma separated list of only the most important keywords related to your business domain. This will increase the relvance of the posts shown to you on the Home page.

If the serviceable location of the posted business requirements is from your country then such requirements are shown under Local tab for you.

If the serviceable location of the posted business requirements is outside your country then such requirements are shown under Global tab for you. However, Show to Global Audience option must be enabled for such Global requirements.

The relevant posts are fetched based on your Business Classification and Keywords. However, this is a subjective search and hence your keywords may appear in other posts that are actually not relevant to you. In this case, you can drill down the relevant posts by searching the desired keywords within that list.

You can open the Search page by tapping the search icon shown on Home page header.

Tap the Search People menu from the Main Menu. This will open a search page that has multiple search filters viz. Search people by Name, Company, Business, or Network.

Company filter: Find the people that are associated with particular organization or company as an employee, an associate, or a vendor.

Business filter: Find the people using a particular keyword from a classification or business domain.

Network filter: Find the people that are member of any particular business association or network.

Business Networking

Any Business Association or Organization can form their independent Business Network under NetPal. A Group is an online presence for a group of associates of any particular Business Association working for a common cause or a goal. And a Network is a collection of such Groups.

You can search and view the posts of your Group or Network members by using the Post Filters on the Business Xchange page.

Our customer support team assists Business Associations to form their own network on NetPal. It can be done by simply submitting a request via NetPal App. You should have the following information handy before requesting a network setup on NetPal:

  • Proposed Name of the network
  • Name of the proposing organization
  • Office Address of the organization
  • Name & designation of the primary contact person
  • Phone Number of the organization (or primary contact person)
  • Email Address of the organization (or primary contact person)
  • Network Logo (.jpg image)
  • List of Network Admins (Full name and Mobile number)
  • List of Groups to be formed under this network
  • List of Admins for each group (Full name and Mobile number)
  • Details about the network to be shown on its main page

Once you are ready with the above information, follow the below mentioned steps to set up a network for your business association or organization:

  1. Tap Help on the main menu -> Tap Request to add my network -> Fill up the requested details and submit.
  2. Our team will review your request and our representative will contact you for any clarifications and supporting documentation to fulfil your request.
  3. Once the basic requirements are fulfilled, your network will be setup. The primary contact person of the organization will get the Chief Admin rights of the network. The Chief Admin and Network Admins will see a new option on the main menu as My networks.
  4. The Chief Admin has the rights to update the Network Information, Contact Number, Email Address, Office Address, Network Logo, etc. He can add up to 10 Network Admins. He can set a title (or a designation) to each one per your organization structure. Please note that the member who has installed the NetPal App and completed the registration can only be added as a Network Admin.
  5. The Network Admins can add up to 1000 Groups to the Network using an Add button on the Network Info page.
  6. The primary contact person of the Group can be assigned the Chief Admin rights of the Group.
  7. The Network Admins and Group Admins can add existing NetPal members to the group by using the Add Members menu on the Group Info page. Or they can invite the people who are not part of the NetPal network to join the group by:
    • using the Invite via Link menu on the Group Info page, or
    • sending an Group Invite to individuals by searching and selecting the Phone Contacts.
    This Group Invite link or Message can be shared via WhatsApp message, email, or text SMS.
  8. The invited person will have to download and install the NetPal App on his device and complete the registration process before using the Invite Link to join the Group.
  9. The Network Admins and Chief Admin of the Group can assign Group Admin rights to the existing group members and set a title (or a designation) per your organisation structure. Please note that the group can have only up to 10 Group Admins.

A Power Team is a private list of business professionals who work in the fields similar to yours and are complementary to your business.

You can search people and shortlist them by tapping the power team icon on their profile page. These shortlisted professionals appear under your Power Team which is owned and managed by you and visible only to you.

You can search and view the posts of your Power Team members by using the Post Filters on the Business Xchange page. Thus, you can keep a close watch on the ongoing business, team up to spin-off new opportunities, and work closely as a cohesive unit.


Members can post their business requirements without disclosing their identity. In this case you cannot see their profile or contact details. However, you can initiate a chat with such post owners by tapping on the chat icon on the Requirements Card.

To view all your chat threads, go to Main Menu > Messages or tap on the notifications icon on the Home page header.

Certain Android devices might have problems receiving in-app messages when the NetPal app is closed. Occurrence of this problem will depend on what device you're using.

To ensure you keep receiving the in-app messages, you'll need to update the auto-start settings on your device so that the NetPal app will start in the background when a new message arrives.

Please note that the steps to update the auto-start settings will vary depending on your device manufacturer, model, and the OS version.

To help you troubleshoot this problem, we've compiled some instructions for some of the device manufacturers.

Huawei. Make sure NetPal is on the list of protected apps. Open System settings -> Advanced Settings -> Battery Manager -> finally Protected apps. Enable the toggle next to NetPal to allow it to keep running even after the screen is turned off.

Lenovo. Enable the auto-start setting for the NetPal app. Open Settings -> Power Manager -> Background app management. Flip the Allow auto-start toggle for the NetPal app.

OnePlus. Make sure NetPal is in the auto-launch list. Open up Settings -> Apps -> tap the gear icon -> Apps Auto-launch. Find NetPal in the list and toggle it on to enable auto-launch.

Oppo. Make sure NetPal is on the list of allowed start-up apps. Open Security Centre -> Privacy Permissions -> Startup Manager, and then allow NetPal App to start-up in the background.

Samsung. If you're using the NetPal app on a Samsung device, there are a few steps to take:

  • Switch off battery optimization for NetPal. Open Settings -> Apps -> Special Access (in the top right menu list) -> Optimize battery usage. From here, tap on the dropdown menu that says 'Apps not optimized’ -> switch off battery optimization for the NetPal App.
  • Exclude the NetPal app from any of the battery optimization features on your device. You'll find these in Settings -> Battery. You'll need to disable battery optimization for the NetPal app, as well as checking to make sure the Restrict background data setting is disabled.

Vivo. Enable the auto-start setting for the NetPal app. Open i Manager -> App Manager -> Auto-start manager, and then allow NetPal App to auto-start in the background.

Xiaomi. Enable auto-start for the NetPal app. Open up Security and tap through to Permissions and Autostart. Make sure NetPal is enabled.

If the problem persists even after you've tried the above-mentioned options, you can also try making sure that the NetPal app is not optimized for battery saving (Doze feature). You can find this setting on most devices by tapping Settings -> Battery -> Battery Optimization. Make sure NetPal is on the list of apps “excluded” from optimization.

Tap the Messages menu from the Main Menu. This will open the messages page with three tabs viz. Needs, People, and Network.

Needs tab contains all of the chat threads that are created when you respond to the business requirements posted by others or when others respond to your posts. Slide the chat thread to the right and you will see a Delete button with icon on the left. Pressing this button will delete that particular chat thread along with all its messages.

People tab contains all of the chat threads that are initiated by you via public profile of others or initiated by others via your public profile. Slide the chat thread to the right and you will see a Delete button with icon on the left. Pressing this button will delete that particular chat thread along with all its messages.

Edit your profile. Tap Main Menu > My Profile > Edit Profile.
Scroll to Privacy section at the bottom. Tap the edit icon .
You will be able to change the preferences for Mobile Privacy, Email Privacy, and Communication Types.


You can permanently delete your account by writing a formal request to our customer support team.

We may take up to 20 business days to permanently delete your account data and information. Please remember that when your account is deleted, it does not affect the information other users have relating to you, such as their copy of the messages you sent them.